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Corey Shane Fitzpatrick

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Name:Corey Shane Fitzpatrick
Birthdate:May 13
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:♦♦♦ Dream Like New York ♦♦♦

Corey Shane Fitzpatrick

Corey Shane Fitzpatrick is the only child Ronan and Aoife Fitzpatrick. His parents were high school sweethearts and met at school back in Dublin, Ireland. They married soon after school was over when Ronan was just 20 and Aoife, 18. Both knew it was what they wanted, and Corey arrived within a year of them being married, Ronan proudly gifting him with the middle name of his father and Corey's grandfather. Aoife was an only child but following Ronan were two younger siblings, Mandy and Euan. Aoife always wanted a big family with loads of children, but complications following Corey meant they were unable to have anymore. Soon after he was born, his parents both moved to America with Ronan's parents paying for him to attend a Finance college over there so he could chase his ambition of being a Wall Street Stockbroker, and Aoife was offered a scholarship for Journalism school. Corey has been raised in New York since an infant, but his parents ensured he kept a close bond with their family back home with many cross-continent visits. Because of this, his accent is quite mixed. Mostly America, but with a distinct Irish twang. He goes broadly Irish when he's drunk.

Corey was very close to his Aunty Mandy, but it wasn't until later in life that he even had any sort of relationship with his Uncle Euan. He didn't know why when he was younger, but he learned once he was much older that his Uncle battled a severe drug problem and was tied up in a lot of criminal and unsavoury activity that Corey's parents didn't want impacting on their son. Once his uncle began to turn his life around, however, and moved to New York to live with them and go on to become a cop, he and Corey became really close and to this day, Corey thinks he has the most epically cool uncle to exist. It was only even more cool when they found out Euan had a little son, Ciaran, and Corey often sits for the little dude after school, both having a keen interest in art and getting into a mess with impromptu art projects.

Corey's just passed his 21st birthday and is in his second year of college, studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He hasn't quite decided what he wants to do for a career, but graphic design or costume design for theatre have both tantalised him. He rents a small studio apartment with hardly any space, and he loves it, but he's still close to his parents and is always hanging out there visiting them when time permits.

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"Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine"
~ Under the shelter of each other, people survive.

Things haven't always been completely rosy for Corey, however. He took a really tough blow on life when, over in London with his parents for a sightseeing trip with his grandma and grandpa in 2005, he witnessed his the subway getting blown up and taking his grandparents life from the London Bombings. He and his parents had gone ahead of his grandparents with an excitable 13 year old to please. Corey and his parents both suffered injuries, Corey a bad head injury and his parents broken bones and cracked ribs.

Corey withdrew right into himself after that, and they thought he wouldn't ever be the same child again. To this day, he still suffers flashbacks and some nightmares, and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic triggered depression, which he takes medication to control. His art was what anchored him back and he slowly began to heal, but still has monthly sessions with a therapist just to help keep his head clear and not choked of thoughts to bring him down. He picked up the bad habit of smoking from his uncle, but despite light scolding from his mom, they never did much to police it because they didn't want to make too much out of it. Like all the Fitzpatrick family, he's a huge fan of Guinness but isn't a massive drinker because of his medication.

Corey's bisexual, but he hasn't had any very serious relationships that spanned beyond four months. His ex girlfriend cheated on him, and he just figured it was too much hassle. Now, he just focuses on school and aiming to build a career, trying to keep his mood levelled so he doesn't take a dive in his depression symptoms. He's good friends with Max Sullivan, meeting him in the library one day and bonding over their interest in art.

Corey is an Original Character created for PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

This is an roleplay and muse journal for character Corey Fitzpatrick, an original character written for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL/musebox. For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Justin Kelly, who belongs to himself.

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